Is Someone Monitoring Your Communications?

How Secure Are Your Communications?

These days, it’s not uncommon for someone to say their cell phone is their life.  You may even say it yourself, but did you know any communication you send out over the internet or wireless network can be intercepted by a third party?  Without encryption, your communications are vulnerable to being read by hackers, private data mining agencies, and possibly even foreign governments.  If you regularly handle sensitive information, or just value your privacy, you need something that is secured against these potential cyber threats.

The Secure Phone allows you to communicate with other secure users over an encrypted data network.  All the regular functions of your phone, voice, text, email, and chat are encrypted ensuring only you and the person you are communicating with can listen to or view your messages.

These phones also use IMSI Catcher Detection to alert you if and when your phone is connected to a rogue cell tower.  A rogue cell tower is a cellular tower that frequently is erected temporarily with the intent of gathering information and spying on cell phones that are unfortunate enough to connect to them.  And not to worry, even if your Secure Phone does connect to one of these rogue cell towers, not only are you alerted, but your communications are still encrypted against prying eyes.

As an additional layer of protection, the Secure Phone offers more than just point to point encryption, the Secure Phone also has safeguards against accessing your data in the event your phone is physically stolen.

Using advanced security policies your Secure Phone can be programmed to automatically wipe its memory after a certain number of failed password attempts, or automatically wipe based off a special panic password that you set yourself.  So if your phone is taken from you and an intruder demands you give them your pin, you simply give away the pin that wipes your phone and your data and privacy remain secure.

And lastly, your Secure Phone comes with unlimited worldwide coverage, so if you’re travelling you can be rest assured that your cell phone communications are still secure.  Best of all, never worry about roaming fees again!

If your serious about your privacy and keeping your data safe this is the protection you need.  Come down to our store and inquire today.