Protect your valuables with a diversion safe

At Spy vs Spy, we know it is very important to our customers to know that their personal belongings and valuables are safe.  Did you know the average home burglary occurs during the day and the burglar is only in the victim’s home for 8-12 minutes.  During that time their first target is the master bedroom, where they’re looking for jewelry, small electronics, and other small, easy to carry items.  As you can imagine, a hidden stash safe is more likely to keep your valuables safe than an obvious security box hiding beneath the bed.

Most thieves however, would never think to raid your pantry, or the cleaning supplies under your sink looking for a big score.  Imagine yourself as a thief walking into your home, what are you more likely to grab?  The small jewelry box on top of the dresser or a can of all surface cleaner from under the sink?  You’re only want to be in the house for a few minutes, are you really going to check all the electrical sockets for hidden compartments?  These are some of the strengths of a stash, or what is sometimes called a diversion safe.  They’re designed to blend in with everyday objects, and even if someone thinks you may have one, they don’t have the time to go through every mundane item in your house looking for a hidden compartment that may or may not be there.

A stash safe isn’t just a benefit in your home either.  There are a variety of styles out there suited for every environment, whether it’s your home, your truck, your suitcase, or even your campsite!  A fake can of shaving cream is a great place to keep a roll of cash when you’re travelling, or a propane tank with a false bottom at your camp is a good place to hide your cell phones and cameras when you’re going for a quick boat ride on the lake.

We keep a wide variety of stash safes in stock, so if you’re looking for a safe location to hide your valuables in plain sight, come on down to our store and have a look.