Unique Products

At Spy vs Spy, we offer a wide range of commercial quality products for personal and property protection.
We have many interactive solutions for your most up to date security and surveillance requirements.
Visit our show room for a live demonstration.

Alarm Systems

We use top quality commercial grade products for all of your needs. Our showroom allows you unique access to view all the newest innovative products that we use for commercial and residential installation.

Spy vs Spy installs and services, wireless, hardwired, and high security ULC Certified alarm systems.

Our certified and security licensed technicians will install a system that meets your individual needs.

We can also design DIY Alarm Kits for Customers on the go.


CCTV security systems are now reliable, efficient and simple to use, and can be accessed from nearly anywhere with internet access.

We offer pre-package kits for the “Do It Yourselfer” available in HD or IP, or we can put together a unique package to suit your personal needs.

Our showroom offers the unique experience of seeing what the difference is between HD and IP.

Personal Protection

An increasing crime rate creates an increasing need for us all to carry some form of personal protection.

The ear piercing sound of a 120dB personal alarm or the intimidating sight of a tactical grade baton can be enough to deter most would-be attackers.

We also carry items such as defence aerosols to protect against dog and bear attacks, ASP Frictionloc batons, body worn cameras, handcuffs, and even metal detectors – we’ve got what you need to help stay safe.

Don’t wait until after you’ve been the victim of criminal activity, protect yourself now, because it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Covert Surveillance

While a standard surveillance system is essential to securing, monitoring, and deterring criminal activity around the house, some situations require a more covert approach.

Whether you’re trying to catch unwanted activity from a person you know, or just want to keep an eye on the babysitter, we have what you need to keep an invisible eye on what’s happening in your home while you’re away.

Spy vs Spy carries a variety of already disguised cameras that you can hide in your home.

Clocks, clothes hooks, smoke detectors and more. Pinhole cameras can be special ordered by request.

Night Vision & Tactical Gear

It’s dark at night!

See through the blackness of night with your own night vision monocular or binocular.

Whether you’re playing paintball with friends or watching where the wild life is for your morning hunting trip, night vision optics make sure you have the advantage.

See our range finders and spotting scopes as well and make sure you’re always on target.

Want to see what those bears are really are doing in the woods?

Get a trail cam!

Spy vs Spy carries high quality Spy Point trail cameras and optics along with accessories.

Available with optional bear resistant boxes in case those bears mistake your camera for a meal.