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Whether it’s a temporary construction site, remote location, or rental property, there are a number of occasions when conventional surveillance systems simply won’t work and we’re required to look into alternative forms of surveillance to get the security we need, where we need it. One such alternative that many people have turned to is the trail camera.

Self-contained, simple to use, and easy to set up and take down; trail cameras are a great alternative to larger systems that often require a permanent installation to function. Because of their low power usage, your typical trail cameras have a battery life of 6 months to 1 year, are designed to survive all types of weather, and can be mounted virtually anywhere.
At Spy vs Spy we’ve just brought in a new series of cameras by Spypoint that, in addition to the capabilities above, provide cellular or WiFi back up functions. This means you can see your pictures online from the comfort of your own home with no need for swapping SD cards or taking long drives out to your camera in the field.

All Spypoint cameras have low visibility IR flash lighting. This means they can see at night but still be relatively invisible to the human eye. Additionally, all cellular capable Spypoint cameras come with pre-activated SIMs, sparing you the hassle of having to get it connected to a cellular network on your own. Using the Spypoint Link app, you can remotely configure your camera, access its photos online, and set up is as easy as ever. Best of all, Spypoint’s cameras come with a free cellular service package that allows for up to 100 images to be transmitted per month, and their unlimited image transfer options start as low as $20 per month.

At Spy vs Spy we carry four different Spypoint cameras in stock as listed below, with different features suitable to a variety of applications.
The most basic of Spypoint’s cellular offerings, the LINK-EVO is still a feature rich camera capable of taking pictures at a 12MP photo resolution, detecting movement as for as 80 feet away, and with an impressive 0.3s trigger speed and an IR flash range of 90 feet you’ll always get a good shot day or night.
Even though it lacks the live view screen the more advanced models have, the LINK-EVO is a great option for a cellular accessible camera.

Stepping up from the LINK-EVO, the LINK 4G packs even more features into one small package. With the same 12MP photo quality, the LINK 4G extends your IR range out to 100 feet, has an amazing 0.07s trigger speed – meaning it will take a picture virtually the instant it detects movement. With a 2.4” colour view screen, it’s easy to see where you’re pointing your camera during set up and you can even view pictures on directly on the camera itself without needing to retrieve the SD card or connect with your Spypoint Link app.
The 4G can also be set to time lapse recording, so it will take pictures at preset intervals or times – point it at a housing construction project and 3 months later watch the house being built in time lapse photos over the course of a few minutes.
Lastly, the 4G uses theft alert technology that notifies you if someone attempts to move or steal your camera. With all of the above features, it is perhaps one of the most feature rich trail cameras on the market today.

Like the 4G, the LINK S series boasts a powerful 12MP camera, a 100 foot IR flash range, 0.07 second trigger speed, colour view screen, and time lapse capabilities. Add a built in solar panel on top of all that and you’ve got a camera that does it all and with a virtually unlimited battery life to boot.
There’s not a lot we can say about this camera that hasn’t already been said while talking about the 4G, but if you’re looking for a camera that has a full set of features and don’t want to worry about battery life, this is the camera for you.

Lastly, but certainly not least, is the TINY-WBF. While this camera doesn’t have any cellular functions, it does have a WiFi connected blackbox that can be placed up to 200 feet away from the camera itself. Whenever the TINY-WBF takes a picture, it then makes a backup copy of that picture on the blackbox so, even if your camera is stolen, your pictures remain safely stored on the blackbox.
This is a great little camera to have in locations that don’t even have cellular network coverage and because it’s so small, it’s that much easier to hide than your full size cellular trail cameras.